"The more precisely I can drive, the more I enjoy myself."

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Welcome To Simonian SimRacing !

If you are here, it’s because you want to go faster, right ?

Some may tell you that you don’t have enough hours of play, some will tell you that the car you want to progress with is not for you.
I’m here to prove you wrong and show you that everything is possible if you give yourself the means !



About Me

Vasken Simonian

I started on Assetto Corsa Competizione when the beta came out. Until now I have only dedicated myself to this game. I spend a lot of time tuning the cars because I love it.
Knowing that the same car can be faster by adjusting even three parameters is a satisfaction, believe me.

That’s why I’m sharing my knowledge with you. Everybody has the right to know this satisfaction to be able to enjoy the game but above all to treat yourself on the track with your friends.

I hope that you will find your happiness here with my settings prepared for the qualification but also for the race.

Join The Discord 

Join my discord, you will find necessary information in addition to the website. You will also find discounts on certain products and giveaways will be offered randomly !


Best Feedback

Their opinion that counts

Although I am new to this game, the setups you offer are awesome ! I bought a simple Ferrari setup at first because I didn’t know your work and wanted to see what it would be like, but I quickly bought the Ferrari pack, without hesitation. I compared it to several other setups that other sellers offer, but I much prefer yours.


The setups are very good, whether it is the qualification part or the race part. Despite what happened, people will tell you that you are a bad person, those who bought your setups will tell you the opposite, and me first. I’ve known you since you started the game and I always come to you for advice. Today I am not disappointed but happy with what you offer.


Big support from our team Vasken ! We know what you are worth and what you offer! Some of the team really enjoyed your setups and others gained a lot of time on the timings. The race setups are really good, not tricky at least. All the best to you and good luck ! See you soon on the tracks.


Contact Us ! 

If you have any questions, misunderstandings, problems with the settings and files you purchased, do not hesitate to make your request right here.

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